Heads Up, Travel Writers (and Wanabees)

After a two-year hiatus, this August it’s back for the thirtieth year and I’m going! If you’re interested in the travel writing genre, I highly recommend it. The access to great faculty, the excellent company of writers in attendance, and the encouragement you receive distinguish it.

I’m looking forward to a one-day ramble with the legendary Don George in downtown San Francisco to-boot! Writing friends, if you’re lucky (I’m not missing it this year), I hear Tim Cahill sings a mean Born to be Wild on karaoke night. Can’t wait!

Book Passage 30th Travel Writers and Photographers Conference, info here.


  1. Hi Teri – Thanks for the reminder and heads up. My wife Nancy and I are planning to attend this summer’s conference. It’ll be great to see you and other members of this very unique Tribe of Travel Writers again. Love, Dave


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