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Teri and the Professor with Jake

I’m a compulsive story-teller, traveler, and retired baby boomer (don’t hate meI feel younger than I look). I grew up a ranchers’ kid in Northern California, but for the last ten years I’ve been living the dream in an old farmhouse near Boise.

Because I love the American West with its rich heritage and traditions, that’s the primary (but not the only) lense I look through. The people, places, and values I grew up with here sustain and motivate me even as I reach out to understand and experience new places, people, and cultures.

Wife to Rich (the Professor), mother to Meg (the Realtor), step-mother-in-love to Erick (our Corporate Whizkid) mother-in-love to Jordan (the Blackhawk Pilot) and Karen (our Uber Girl), and proud Mama to various wonderful G-Kids here and in Alabama, I’m always bringing home strays – human and otherwise. We share a place with exceptional dogs and ornery horses.

Life is good. I’m passionate about family, friends, faith, horses, travel, cooking (and eating), winetasting, and finding answers to my why questions. I write about them all.

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