Retired For Reals: Act 2, Day I, Part 2

I don’t really know much about Cord except that he was very personable, and seemed to enjoy his job and customers. He’s probably in his mid-twenties, tanned, and tatooed. I couldn’t see what was inked on his chest since it was only just peeking playfully out from under a muscle shirt that mostly covered by a short sleeved cotton shirt that wasn’t quite a Hawaiian shirt, but came close. Cord wasn’t bad looking and I knew that a surface conversation would be best.

Retired For Reals: Act 2, Day 1, Part 1

There were lots of things I could have done (sleep in, watch reruns with Tex, or sign up for meals at the Senior Center), but instead I began checking things off my retirement to-do list. I picked low-hanging fruit.

Some days fail to live up to expectations. Monday was all I dreamed (and more). So much so that I can hardly wait to wake up tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, you’ll really want to read about Cord and my sushi!

Private Confessions of Wolves

…”Absent a Damascus Road experience, tricksters and wolves do not change and see no need to do so. The danger lies in their lack of self-awareness and the fact that so few pay attention to their confessions, be they words or deeds.

If a wolf confesses, believe him. Euripedes warned, ‘When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.’…”

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