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I’m a compulsive story-teller and traveler. I grew up a ranchers’ kid in Northern California, but for the last eleven years I’ve been living the urban dream in Idaho. If you’ve gotta be urban, Boise’s a great place for it.

I’ve been writing for magazines for years (Range, Adventure West, Idaho, and others) on the side while working a day job administering agencies and writing, editing, and publishing newsletters for local and state governments about transportation, ag stewardship, and such.

I retired in 2021 but I was bored to tears in less than three months. So now I’ve got a flexible part time gig as the Executive Director of the Idaho Coalition of Land Trusts working on voluntary private lands conservation in Idaho (especially ag lands).

I’m also freelancing and taking on travel story assignments. From time to time, if the Muse moves I’ll pitch a story I’m itching to write about. I’m busy enough to keep my mind occupied, but always have time for traveling and story telling.

Because I love the American West with its rich heritage and traditions, it’s a primary though not exclusive lens I peer through. The people, places, and values I grew up with sustain and motivate me even as I reach out to new places, people, and cultures.

Wife to an instructor I fondly call the Professor, mother to an awesome daughter and her husband, an amazing son and his wife, and proud Mama to great grandchildren here and in Alabama, life is good.

I’m passionate about family, friends, faith, horses, travel, cooking (and eating), wine tasting, and finding out answers to my why questions. I write about them all. Oh yes, and occasionally I’ll write about things political, though not nearly so much any more.

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