Stories Worth Telling

Teri, at home.

A friend said recently, “You like to tell stories, don’t you?” I never thought about it, but I guess I do.

That said, I have zero interest in telling stories of no utility or purpose. The muse won’t go there, I’m afraid.

I love modern day parables, actually. Parables are, according to some Internet expert or the other, short and simple stories that teach lessons. So that’s my goal in addition to keeping your attention with a good story.

I write stories from a Western perspective here on my blog, Dispatches from Out West, (, and on my Facebook page, Dispatches from Out West. I love the American West and those who live, work, and recreate here.

Recent stories I think worth telling here are: You’re Not the Boss of Me: Contending for Control in California; I Never Planned on Dying; My Knee, P&Z and Conditional Uses; You’re a Seed; Two Ways to do the (Dam) Thing; and more. But wait, there’s so much more! I will basically follow any breadcrumbs cast by an intrepid muse.

As you read my stories, I hope you ask yourself what is the point? What does it have to do with my life? What can I take away from it besides time spent. Yes, stories should make you weep. Stories should provoke loud guffaws that originate somewhere deep in your belly. But really, truly good stories should do that AND make you ponder what was, what is, and what yet can be.

Those are the stories worth telling. Worth reading. Worth turning over and over like a prism in your hands until you see the fullness of the thing, until you understand another perspective.

Yes, I like telling stories. Join me, will ya?


The Professor and I live near Boise with a modest pack of rowdy dogs and horses.

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