North to St. Gertrude’s: My Next Adventure

My next adventure: thirty days in the Writers in Residence Program at St. Gertrude’s! I’m looking so forward to it.

I’m not Catholic, I am not required to be and am not seeking a relationship with an organized church. I’m interested in exploring what an internal “deeper commitment to my faith” could look like. And in meeting these Sisters and writing. A lot!

See you out there!

St. Gertrude’s Monastery paves the way for a continued Benedictine future in small Idaho town


  1. Teri, you are so motivating! One can get complacent in retirement. You’re an inspiration!


    1. Thanks, Nancy! My adventures are like taking a weedeater to an overgrown lot. If we let the weeds grow, they will cover it over eventually.

      I’ve got too many things I still want to do to get choked out. And, I’ve a finite number of years to get to them all before old(er) age, infirmity, and death strike.


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