Stand Up, Real Republicans

“The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee has reportedly planned and recruited volunteers to infiltrate the Kootenai Democrats, install an “antisemitic troll” as party chair and funnel money donated to Democrats to local Republicans instead.” The Coeur d’Alene Press,

This is wrong. Disgustingly so. Thanks to Mr. Grimm for recording and releasing the conversation – I’m sure you’ll pay a price. But me? I’m finally mad enough to say something publicly. I’m sorry it took so long.

Republicans, real Republicans, is that thug the kind of operative you want calling Party shots – “me and a couple guys”? Someone who makes his wife do his bidding while he stays in the shadows to keep his elected position and do his dirty work? If not, it’s time to stand up now, before the Primary.

In my county, I can identify many candidates who have the requisite R behind their name but get an F in honesty, ethics, integrity, and concern for anyone except those who agree with them. I know. I’ve been on a ballot with some of them and watched others operate. And now there’s a veritable crimson tide of these folks who’ll be on the Primary ballot, ready to roll. Great. Just great.

We’ve enabled bad behavior by being quiet about it, allowing bad actors like the Cd’A thug, the Idaho Freedom Foundation and others to intimidate us. But don’t you know that those who are with us real Republicans are more than those who are against us if we stand together? If the whole lot of us discouraged real Republicans rise up, we can change this thing.

Many of us have kept quiet in hopes of a pendulum swing back to values of better days, to the Idaho we were born in or believed we came here for, but it hasn’t. True common sense conservatism has devolved into something cray-cray that we don’t recognize.

Have you been watching the news lately? Candidates are flaunting their affiliations with questionable people and organizations. They say that we are RINOs and boast they are true Patriots. Bull-pucky.

What’s happening in Cd’A should motivate us all to stand up to thugs who try to take others’ liberty by aggressively asserting their own. Enough intra-party bloodletting. Give us an informed public, ethical candidates and leaders, and responsible governance that solves, not creates, problems.

Ethical candidates are pretty easy to recognize. They tell the truth. You don’t see them employing shady campaign tactics. They respect others – if they can’t speak well of someone, they shut up, and they’re gracious. The Golden Rule is a pretty good litmus test.

Being responsible candidates and leaders requires a wide-eyed, deliberative, transparent, and holistic view of things: an understanding of how the entire local, state, and federal system functions together and independently. Inviting input from all constituents on needs and desires, and investing wisely in solutions that work for everyone (or at least most everyone). These live in the present while remembering the past and planning for the future. They have the courage to listen, to reason with other viewpoints, say no, and the courage to say yes.

Ethical and responsible leaders understand the sacred duty they bear to their country, state, county, constituents, and future generations. They embrace the splendid loneliness of true leadership. They don’t always lead the way we want (or wear an R), but they do the right thing as near as they can identify it. They don’t seek to divide, but to bring together. Look for these.

And for all you new residents, you’re being pandered to by the Idaho Freedom Foundation – fed a line – told anything to get your vote because frankly, you’re a really big voting block. Your fears of loss of liberty based on your past experiences make you an easy target.

Idaho is not a perfect place, but we’re not after your guns, your kids, or your wealth the way some other places are. Idaho isn’t a socialist state or in danger of becoming one any time soon. Don’t be co-opted.

Many of us have kept quiet in hopes of a pendulum swing back to values of better days, to the Idaho we were born in or believed we came here for, but it’s gotten and getting worse. True common sense conservatism has devolved into something cray-cray that we don’t recognize.

At the very least, real Republicans, stand up now. Find good candidates and embrace others like you. There’s something else you can do though.

I’m donating to Take Back Idaho, “a nonprofit determined to take Idaho back from the grip of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, its partner organizations, and their acolytes in the GOP legislative ranks. We will do this through educational efforts and political action, directed toward electing responsible candidates in the 2022 and subsequent primary elections. We plan to support individuals dedicated to educating our children, working together to solve our chronic problems, and restoring a sense of community and common purpose in Idaho. Working together, we can bring back common-sense, responsible representative government to that Gem of all States.”

And candidates, don’t expect a campaign contribution before you publicly denounce the Coeur d’Alene thug, his minions, and their ilk. Be willing to say you’re a real Republican like we are and stand up to those guys where we can see you. You may lose some of their votes, but you’ll have ours and be able to look yourself in the mirror. That’s still worth something in my book.

I stand behind traditional Republican values and every word I’ve written. Our ideas and actions should distinguish us, not the lengths to which we’ll resort to win. This type of bloodsport nonsense is wrong and is ruining this great state. We’ve let it.

I’m not running for anything or from anything. I’m standing, donating, and I’m voting. Join me. Let’s all get some guts together. Stand up.

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