Me, In the Company of Angels

Dear Sean of the South,

I wasn’t going to bother you, but you asked for it when you told your readers to keep the angel stories coming. Here’s mine. Every word is true.

11 at night. I was a young twenty-something woman driving 20 miles home on a rural road. I was alone. The entire road had been deserted except for one Honda Accord that earlier zipped past just outside the city limits and disappeared into the night ahead of me.

About ten miles in, there was the Accord pulled over on the side of the road, lights flashing. As I slowed to pass, I could see several people in the car, but I knew better than to stop. I carefully passed, no other lights visible ahead or behind me.

Just around the next bend the Accord again appeared behind me, the driver riding my bumper, honking, and flashing its lights. Even then I wasn’t afraid – bad guys don’t drive Honda Accords. Do they?

It didn’t make sense. I was puzzled. As I looked in my rearview mirror trying to make sense of this, it suddenly occurred to me to say aloud, “Lord, show them the legions of angels that surround me.” The logic of that made sense so I repeated it word for word without fear or emotion, still watching in my rearview mirror.

The very second the words came out of my mouth the Accord lurched out from behind my car, passed, and burst ahead at an incredible rate of speed. I’ll never know what the Accord’s occupants saw but their reaction was violent and immediate. They fled. They never returned and the road was deserted the rest of the way home.

I often wonder what they saw. If they meant me harm, why I was spared when so many young women are not. Why was I not scared? Are these guardians always with me? If so, that should be a game changer, no?

I wonder. Whatever was planned for me that night came to naught. Because I was in the company of angels. Am I always? Based on what I was taught in Sunday School and have read on my own, it’s highly likely. No, more than likely. Promised.

I guess I needed reminding this morning. Thanks for that.


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