Dear Sean of the South,

So I have to admit blogging is not only hard work but also discouraging. Writing your heart out day in and day out is a slog at best. Yesterday I read a post that said there are something like 500 million billion gazillion blogs competing for our attention. That’s about the same as the number of churches competing for butts-in-pews (to invoke a Seanism).

Your post Quiet Places may have gurgled up from the bowels of desperation, but you know what? It gave me the answer to a why question I’ve been asking: why write when no one is reading?

I think our job as writers is not to tell anyone how to think or how to believe, but to construct a quiet place, a beautiful cathedral where the seeking can connect with answers. Like you do.

Just like that glorious Episcopal church, open doors day in and day out so people can pause and listen for a still, small voice. And perhaps benefit from the prayers of a fellow seeker. A writer’s job is to set the table and trust Someone will take it from there.

You do that about as well or better than anyone I ever (or never) met. For me surely, and for lots of other folks too. Thanks, Sean. Guess I’ll keep writing too.

Your friend, Teri from Out West, #TeriFromOutWest

Quiet Places, by Sean of the South

An Episcopal church. A weekday. It’s an ornate building with flickering votives in the corner. The door was unlocked so I came inside. Nobody seemed to notice me, so I pulled up a pew. There are only two people in this chapel. Across the aisle is an older woman. Her hair is white, her head […]


  1. You do have readers! I enjoy catching up with your posts in the early morning, after turning on all the sprinklers, pulling a few weeds, and with a fresh cup of coffee at hand…..and I feel like I’m with a friend for a minute or two 🙂 thanks for writing Teri!


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