You’re a Seed

Awhile back my friend John L Moore said, “Those people who tried to bury you didn’t know you were a seed.” That’ll preach.

I need to say this today. Someone needs to be reminded. No one likes to be rejected and humiliated, but small people with little minds have no idea what they set in motion when they snubbed you.

You are a seed that in due time if carefully nurtured will grow roots deeper than theirs. You’ll be called upon to be gracious and generous even though they were petty and ruthless. You’ll do it if bitterness doesn’t overcome you – don’t let it.

You don’t fit in because you aren’t supposed to. Your destiny is different than theirs. You’re a round peg, they’re a square hole. You shouldn’t be comfortable in their company, because if you were, you’d never make it where you’re headed. Before long, you’ll glance over and see them in your rearview mirror breathing your dust.

When I was in elementary school I ran smack dab into the scorn of a pack of little mean girls. One snippy girl announced to our circle that she was planning her birthday sleepover (and inviting everyone but me). That hurt, but I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of knowing. I smiled and joined in with the others, trying to convince a parent her daughter should be allowed to attend.

They meant to bury me. But I was a seed. I don’t remember her having the party, and today, I don’t see a single one of those mean girls anywhere – not even on Facebook.

Then there was a time when I was rejected by small minds, little people who were born and raised in a small community (because I wasn’t). They buried me in a little box labeled, “not from here, not one of us”. Ultimately, that so offended kinder, gentler, more perceptive folks, other newcomers, and the press, that I was elected to office with 68% of the vote. My seed sprouted and my roots went deep.

Who’s trying to bury you today? Who’s trying to make themselves larger by making you smaller? Breathe deep and smile. Don’t let them see they’ve wounded you. Concentrate on things that nurture your seed.

Though it looks like they’re the entire harvest right now, they’re not. Focus on your potential. Don’t for a minute accept immature, boorish treatment as an indication of your worth. That’s not who you are. Who we are.

You’re better than that. They’re not. You’re growing strong roots. Their foliage is all above the ground now, but it won’t be long before they topple and you’re the last one standing. Your roots will persist. Mine will too.

And to those small minded little men and women, wise up. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Because some day you’ll have burned all your bridges and won’t be all that anymore. You’re hard at work building your own gallows and you haven’t a clue.

One day soon you’ll need a hand from someone who has really deep roots. And we’ll have what you need. Because the one you’re trying to bury, dude, is a seed.

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  1. Right on!

    On Thu, Mar 28, 2019 at 6:26 AM Dispatches from Out West wrote:

    > Teri Torell Murrison posted: ” Reposted from Dec.20, 2018. Thanks to my > friend Janett Sturtevant for posting this awesome photo this morning! I’ve > been thinking about this for a few weeks and debating about posting. Today, > my friend John L Moore posted, “those people who tried ” >


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