Appalled: Where are Men and Women of Character?

I just can’t – stand what’s happened to my country, that is. This isn’t America, I want to say. But it has been, is, of late. Today’s display of lawlessness and anarchy is simply wrong.

What would our ancestors say? Our grandmothers and grandfathers. You know, the ones who taught us to fish in cold clear waters and fed us bologna sandwiches and ginger cookies. The ones who worked their fingers to the bone to create opportunity for their children, our parents.

And what would our parents say? The ones who taught us the Golden Rule, carted us to Sunday School, and who blessedly passed on before they could witness this nightmare of the last ten years.

I am mortified. What do our children think? Sadly, they have become accustomed to such things.

Why do we normalize and tolerate troglodytes of every ilk? Why do we glorify all manner of deceit and thuggish behavior? We could elect thoughtful leaders, not gladiators schooled in the dark art of bloodsport. But we don’t. We could be better than this. But we aren’t. Not now anyway.

Look, I’ve been a Republican all my voting life. I’m no Pollyanna, but what I have seen in local, state, and national politics – Republicans and Democrats – sickens me. Where are men and women of character? Who care about all the people, not just the ones who agree with them.

Tonight, after a horrifying display in our nation’s capitol I heard a few speeches from the Senate that gave me hope. They made me hope that some might finally realize we have to get off of this pendulum before it kills the Republic. But others are still pandering to beat the band.

Lest you think I’m on either side of the Trump debate, I’m not. I support the better way. The American way. The one we knew before we left her in a rush to win, win, win at any cost. My heart hurts.

Where are men and women of character? Who put country and countrymen first? More importantly, where are the ones who will step forward and restore this Republic? The ones who remember and honor the lessons learned at the knees of our parents and grandparents? Where are they? Step up.

I am appalled. If you’re not, you should be.



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