Something’s Gotta Change

We were right, it’s been one bad year, this 2020. If you’ve forgotten, take a look. Some of it unbelievably, I had.

In 2020, AP Photographers Captured a World in Distress

In our house, we’ve faced a few trials this year but as I looked at the photos I was shaken. Our small measure of inconvenience and frustration amounts to absolutely nothing when compared to the chaos and suffering that has descended upon the planet.

Let me repeat, our small measure of inconvenience and frustration amounts to absolutely nothing when compared to the chaos and suffering that has descended upon the planet.


I typically post a photo with these blogs, but this morning I could not choose. Hungry children without food or electricity in Peru. A dear sweet couple embracing through plastic in Spain. Desert locusts in Kenya. A father grieving the loss of his seven-year old son in Azerbaijan. Rioters in the streets in any number of countries.

I’m sorry. I can’t say which image, which reminder of our global distress, is worse. Nor will I even try.

What I will say is that something must change and aside from the year on my calendar, I think it’s got to be me. And you.

I will be among all things more prayerful. More mindful and compassionate. More other-focused. More altruistic. Less tolerant of my (and your) petty, small complaints about dumb things that don’t matter in the face of 2020. So should you.

Because something’s gotta change.


  1. So true! Thank you for saying this. May we all dig deep to become the best humans we can be for ourselves, for each other, and for the planet with the miraculous diversity of life that inhabits it.


  2. It is hard to believe the reactions of some. People said the “me” generation consisted of young people. The response to mask wearing and inside church services has demonstrated selfishness is not confined to a particular age group.


  3. Ahhh Terri, I so agree. I get so darn mad at people who are complaining about not being able to go to a bar, or their favorite restaurant, or whatever. We all are so accustomed to having it our way, any time we want. I was reading somewhere the other day about how long WWII lasted, and the Great Depression. And while I’m sure glad that neither of those levels of atrocities are happening now for the US, they are happening to many others around the world. And the newest numbers are showing more than 55 million in the US are going hungry right now – and yet, the complaining. The “you’re infringing on my rights” – I heard something pretty impactful recently. It was something along the lines of “Don’t focus on your loss of rights, focus on your responsibility to others.” I think that this follows what you are saying in your post today. Much love to you my friend!


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