Want to Live an Uncommon Life? Get Yourself a Coach

I didn’t even know who Tony Dungy was before The Professor and I were looking for a one year devotional in December. Apparently he’s kind of a big deal, a football coach and commentator of some stature. For the next year, he’s my coach too.

In politics and life, none of us should be without someone who challenges us to be our personal best, who calls us on our stuff, and who points us toward a better way. Who believes in and exhorts us to examine ourselves and reach for excellence. A coach.

Dungy’s brief daily messages set a tone and hit the mark for the Professor and me every day this week. His message on snow cats suggested to me that in my own Girl from Snowy River plunge downhill, I need to do more than hang on and get down the mountain without falling off my horse. I need to crack the whip.

His devotions this week have encouraged me in many ways: to work with the amount of faith I have, watch my words, forgive others and myself too, ignore negative thoughts that try to replace my vision, and practice the right kind of civil disobedience. Again, great advice in life and politics.

If you’re looking for a coach, check out his book. I think you’ll find it inspiring and practical. And if you apply what you read, you might live an uncommon life.


Photo of Coach Dungy from https://www.profootballhof.com/players/tony-dungy/biography/.

#crackthewhip #TonyDungy #TheOneYearUncommonLifeDailyChallenge

3 thoughts on “Want to Live an Uncommon Life? Get Yourself a Coach

  1. Thanks, Teri. We are already admirers of Tony Dungy, and appreciate your reference to his book. Read his first one when his team was a winner.


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