Wisdom, My Watchword for 2020

If someone offers to grant you three wishes, the first ask should be unlimited wishes, right? Seeking wisdom is not unlike that strategy: get wisdom, you got the storehouse too.

So this year my word is wisdom. As in, the focal point for my personal development in 2020, a character trait that I shall actively seek to cultivate. I  desire wisdom as the gatekeeping watchword over my mind, heart, emotions, decisions,  relationships, and especially, my mouth.

Like that first request of a genie, wisdom can open many doors if I look for it. Wisdom is the key to insight and understanding. Wisdom guards my steps from foolhardy decisions. Wisdom weighs a matter, considers all sides. Wisdom is prudent. Wisdom is strong and courageous.

Wisdom. I want it.

This year wisdom is my bullseye target, the character trait I’m aiming for. My watchword. What’s yours?


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