That Girl

I was reaching deep into my pocket of thoughts this morning when my fingers closed around this necklace: “be the girl that goes for it”.

I want to be that girl.

The girl that rides the high desert foothills joyous, one with the land and her favorite horse.

The girl that is the center of the universe for one wriggly, exuberant Border Collie, and that Border Collie is hers.

The girl who is treasured by family, her grandchildren, and who loves them back fiercely.

The girl who grows ripe red tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, and green tomatillos, who makes wicked good gazpacho, and figures out exciting new ways to cook zucchini.

The girl who cultivates new friends and experiences like a vineyard of winegrapes in Napa or Sonoma or Mendocino.

The girl who lives life fully instead of photographing it.

The girl who fills every page of her passport. Who knows people and places others don’t.

The girl who laughs more than not.

The girl who enjoys Sundays instead of fretting over Monday.

The girl who writes and writes until it’s right.

The girl who is very, very young, especially when she’s old.

The girl who stands at the threshold of her unknown, who leaps into it, trusting.

I want to be that girl. So I will.

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