What a Man, What a Man

I’m one day away from beginning my Rambles with Ruby. Tomorrow I leave early for Portland to see my Mama. Today will be a busy day at work tying up loose ends and packing. Oh yes, and there’s that little not-to-exceed 2,500 word essay I need to turn in before Monday night, a thousand or so miles to drive, and a few friends to see along the way.

Before the day and its demands occupy my full attention, I have to thank the man who enables me, who never shrinks back from opening his hand, allowing me to soar and then land again. I am blessed beyond measure.

He’s a stellar partner, father, grandfather, and friend. He loves our dogs and horses. A city boy when we met, he’s become quite the hand with a tractor and fixing fences. We laugh. A lot.

He reads everything I write – multiple times. He insisted I go to the Travel Writer’s Conference next week even after making the hard choice to forego a pretty great vacation to stay home to care for things.

He left a job he loved and a community of friends to move to Idaho because the path was leading north. He’s been rewarded with a new job he’s equally passionate about and a home he loves more than the last one.

If I believed in luck I’d say I hit the lotto, but I don’t. Ours was destiny. What a man, what a man, what a man my man is.

I think you must get that seasons pass at Bogus this year.

Thanks, Professor!

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