What a Man, What a Man

I’m one day away from beginning my Rambles with Ruby. Tomorrow I leave early for Portland to see my Mama. Today will be a busy day at work tying up loose ends and packing. Oh yes, and there’s that little not-to-exceed 2,500 word essay I need to turn in before Monday night, a thousand or so miles to drive, and a few friends to see along the way.

Before the day and its demands occupy my full attention, I have to thank the man who enables me, who never shrinks back from opening his hand, allowing me to soar and then land again. I am blessed beyond measure.

He’s a stellar partner, father, grandfather, and friend. He loves our dogs and horses. A city boy when we met, he’s become quite the hand with a tractor and fixing fences. We laugh. A lot.

He reads everything I write – multiple times. He insisted I go to the Travel Writer’s Conference next week even after making the hard choice to forego a pretty great vacation to stay home to care for things.

He left a job he loved and a community of friends to move to Idaho because the path was leading north. He’s been rewarded with a new job he’s equally passionate about and a home he loves more than the last one.

If I believed in luck I’d say I hit the lotto, but I don’t. Ours was destiny. What a man, what a man, what a man my man is.

I think you must get that seasons pass at Bogus this year.

Thanks, Professor!

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I was raised in Northern California on a sheep ranch. I'm passionate about working landscapes – balancing the interests of agriculture, thriving rural communities, and healthy natural resources. My husband Richard – the Professor - is a teacher. We live in Idaho with our horses, dogs, and close-by daughter and her family. I'm taking a trip soon and have attempted to introduce readers to some important backstories that will be helpful to understand the context for my observations. To read them, go to Topics in the sidebar and select Rambles with Ruby.

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