Plan A

A major challenge for me is to NOT plan my upcoming vacation, yet here I am planning despite my resolve not to do so. This was roughly, as of last week, the path for my upcoming rambles with Ruby. It’s changed and will change again, I’m quite sure.

When I sat down to figure out where I would need to be by when, I saw that two weeks is just not enough time to do it all leisurely, the way it wants to be done. So gone from Plan A is the Oregon Coast. Gone too, my jaunt over to Ft.Bragg, Mendocino, and Boonville. Those will have to wait for another time.

Sacramento got cut. If I go there I won’t have time for the High Country and Kennedy Meadows. I can’t take both routes back north.The whole point of this trip is to have time to linger in special places.

When I was little, our family did drive-by tourism. We’d pull up to a place – say the Falls in Yosemite – crane our necks to look up through the bug splattered windshield, make a comment or two, and drive on. This should not be that, yet I will fight the urge to similarly march through the itinerary.

Oh, help. Hello, Plan B. I think I need to retire.

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