One Day There Were Cherries

We have two cherry trees out back, one slightly more tart than the other. It produces a week before its northern brother.

About two weeks ago I noticed Tree One was loaded and ripe. Because its fruit is not as tasty, I put off picking. And then I noticed its fruit was gone.

Tree Two came on as usual about a week later. It was groaning with dark red fruit.

I’m not missing my window this year, I promised myself. This weekend, for sure, I’ll go out and pick. I didn’t.

One day there were cherries. The next, they were gone, cherry pits all over the ground.

It’s not the birds’ fault, it’s mine for assuming I had lots of time.

What are your assumptions? Does your tree still have fruit? Will you regret not having picked cherries while you could?

I do.

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I was raised in Northern California on a sheep ranch. I'm passionate about working landscapes – balancing the interests of agriculture, thriving rural communities, and healthy natural resources. My husband Richard – the Professor - is a teacher. We live in Idaho with our horses, dogs, and close-by daughter and her family. I'm taking a trip soon and have attempted to introduce readers to some important backstories that will be helpful to understand the context for my observations. To read them, go to Topics in the sidebar and select Rambles with Ruby.

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