Hat-tip to Schitt’s Creek: from a little bittah Tex-as

Tex was an email-order puppy from Sonora, so-named for the Lone Star State-shaped white patch on her chest. We had no idea what a character she’d become. She’s larger than life and like the Professor says every day, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She does, however, have a bunch of naughty ones.

Tex moves at 90 mph and it’s all about Tex. Wiggling, jumping, and winning hearts, she just is what she is. We’re working on discipline, but frankly between knee surgery in March and her in-bred stamina and exuberance, it’s hard to channel all that energy into – ahem – productive endeavors.

I can’t say I wasn’t warned, but I’d do it all over again – bring her to Idaho to live with us. The Professor says he would too. Just in case he changes his mind, I check back with him weekly.

No longer a puppy, Tex digs like a badger, knocks drinks off tables, grabs food and socks too close to edges, leaps barriers erected to exclude her, and consumes horse poop like she’s been starved. And we’re not lax about working with her. She’s over the top.

We love her though she exhausts us. Even Bean, our Chihuahua-mix that she delights in tormenting loves her when she’s not herding him. Containing Tex on the hunt is not unlike trying to direct a lightning bolt into a shoe box.

The same could be said of Schitt’s Creek’s Alexis Rose.

Schitt’s Creek is a quirky and winsome TV show that just wrapped shooting its sixth and final season to critical and popular acclaim. The Professor and I shall miss that goofy little town and each and every character in it.

Alexis’ audition below pretty accurately illustrates who Tex is (a Lamborghini, a Hollywood star…). Attractive, full of herself, and oblivious, she’s not at all self-aware. Effervescent, confident, and so beguiling that you can’t keep your eyes off her, you also can’t help but love her even when she does outrageous things. Like Alexis.

The two of them share big hearts underneath all that other stuff. And just like Alexis, heart, an indomitable attitude, and effervescence is what makes them both so endearing.

Thanks, Schitt’s Creek and thanks Annie Murphy for creating a memorable character. Your delightful show will end, but here in Idaho we’ll still have our little bittah Tex-as to remember Alexis, David, Moira, Johnny, Stevie, Jocelyn, and the rest of you by.

And please, Alexis, let Tex know if you’re ever in Boise. Lalalalalalala.


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