You’re Not the Boss of Me: Contending for Control in California

Have you seen the news lately? Sacramento is a mess. The whole state is. That’s what former Californians (and everyone else) are fond of saying to each other and anyone else who will listen.

I never dreamed I’d leave, I thought I’d go back one day, but no. The dye is cast. And while my adopted home is wonderful, it will never be where I’m from. Never be the land of my birth.

Oh sad California. Oh sad me. There is and will forever be a hole in my heart, a place where I fit but no longer do. My day there is over. Only the land – that which hasn’t been covered over – remains as it was.

Generations of Californians have been in control and lost it. It’s quite simply a cycle that has played out over and over. From Native Americans to the Spaniards, the Mexicans, the miners, the water kings, the farmers and ranchers, LA, San Francisco, and Hollywood, even the suburbs, all had their day. They all possessed and defined California. Until they didn’t.

Those of us who mourn today should take comfort in the fact that today’s possessors will one day lose their California, as well. Imagining what might replace them could be scary. Another group will rise up. It’s only a matter of time.

In the midst of the chaos of California I am encouraged by this group of young people who went to the Capitol, not to seize control with pitchforks or automatic weapons, but simply in the tradition of Gandhi to speak truth, to declare the words of their faith.

The beautiful thing about their words is that they call forth another California – one we’ve never seen. In them, there is no supposition about how California will look.

That California is inclusive and kind to widows and orphans. It is populated by Good Samaritans. No one fights, no one contends. No one is selfish and everyone has enough. Everyone is accepted.

In this California no one else is the boss of me because He is the Boss of us all. Our understanding is not filtered through doctrines of denominations, it is direct. This California is truly deserving of being called the Golden State.

Some say it will only be found in Heaven. Maybe. Others, are convinced it’s just ahead, several generations or more from this California. Maybe. Regardless, I believe it is ahead.

It’s the California I am contending for. Praying for. I hope you will too.

2 thoughts on “You’re Not the Boss of Me: Contending for Control in California

    1. I would have loved to turn back the clock. Much as I tried to represent the interests of rural California, much as I would have loved to separate from the urban areas, I think that horse left the barn long ago, Nancy. Hugs!


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