On the Hoof in Winters: Lamb Chops (And Other Crops) Made Here

Alarmingly, many folks these days don’t even think about where their food comes from when they support policies and agency regulations that hurt American farmers’ and ranchers’ ability to stay in business.

That’s got to change – and very soon – before we lose our ability to produce food and fiber.

As you will see in this video, these ranchers in Winters not only care about their crops and putting tasty lamb on America’s dinner tables, they care about the land and integrate their agricultural operation accordingly.

Agriculture’s is being dealt a very bad hand by folks who either don’t know any better or have a hidden agenda. Don’t let them get away with it. Support agriculture and its significant benefits to the land and our everyday lives.

Please forward this video to ten friends and ask them to send it to ten friends and so on… And especially forward it to elected officials and to your “city cousins”. We need their help.

They don’t make lamb chops at the store, you know.


Winters, California – Rominger’s video for American Sheep Industry Association from Kendall Media Group on Vimeo.

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