SF Bay Area Ranches: Healthy Habitat, Beef Cattle, Families

When you take Hwy 680 through the southeast Bay Area, do you appreciate the magnificent landscape along the freeway? Do you appreciate the management of fire fuels on the hillsides? When you stop for dinner (if you aren’t a vegan or vegetarian!) – would a steak taste good?  Thank these environmentalists!

From the California Beef Council:   

In the middle of California’s Bay Area, a ranching family provides a haven for wildlife and endangered species. The family’s management practices have not only improved rangeland health, but is a prime example of the conservation ethic that has been instilled over generations in the ranchers who manage the lands today — and the love of the land that is being passed on to their children.


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I was raised in Northern California on a sheep ranch. I'm passionate about working landscapes – balancing the interests of agriculture, thriving rural communities, and healthy natural resources. My husband Richard – the Professor - is a teacher. We live in Idaho with our horses, dogs, and close-by daughter and her family. I'm taking a trip soon and have attempted to introduce readers to some important backstories that will be helpful to understand the context for my observations. To read them, go to Topics in the sidebar and select Rambles with Ruby.

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