Wild things aren’t tame: bear-incidents increasing

Events in New Mexico last week and on the Eldorado National Forest (60 miles from Sacramento) Friday remind us that conflicts between wildlife – in this case,  hungry bears – and forgetful or negligent humans can have devastating results for all concerned.  

California Attack     

Bear Attack on Eldorado National Forest

New Mexico Attack     



Public lands managers note such incidents are on the upswing. Cheryl Carrothers, Regional Wildlife Program Leader for the USFS Pacific Southwest Region, issued an email heads up to regional forests and district rangers on July 2nd, just before the holiday weekend:

“I just wanted to make sure you were all aware.  We have had multiple incidents with bears this year and the frequency is increasing.  Please pass on our concerns to your folks and forest visitors.  Keeping safe distances between bears and humans is a priority, restricting access to food and other attractants is the primary way to ensure this happens!”

We’re posting two videos we found on YouTube below.  Obviously, the views expressed are those of the authors and not this supervisor. Confirm their methods with a ranger before you go and be prepared. And it goes without saying that if you live up here, precautions aren’t just for campers…

Remember, wild things aren’t tame. Be careful, will ya?

A FED BEAR IS A DEAD BEAR: how to take care of your food    



SURVIVAL 101: according to Backpacker Magazine, what to do if you encounter a bear    



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