Goliath worried about water

Our city cousins are concerned about Bay Delta water bills coming back to life, not being taken serious by the Legislature, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, a peripheral canal, reallocation of water rights... Sound familiar?

These are dicey times for folks without AND with water rights in California. The Governor and Legislature are still resolved to solve the California water crisis. The solutions look likely to rest on our shoulders.

About two years ago – compared by Liz Bass to Goliath facing down David – San Francisco informed our Board they were going after additional water from the Tuolumne River.  That’s not so likely now.  They can expect less. Us too.

SF will exhaust itself and considerable resources to make some sort of  a deal. We can only hope Tuolumne County and Groveland don’t get further sold down the river (pun intended) in the process.

This deepens our concern for watersheds of origin, expressed here a few weeks ago. If SF is scrambling, how worried should we be?

And why does Assemblyman Jared Huffman say there’s no language in the bills to threaten watersheds of origin and then say they can’t put protective language in because then we’d all want it? We’re rural, not stupid.

Read yesterday’s front page article in the Chronicle:

SF, East Bay fear water rationing

2 thoughts on “Goliath worried about water

  1. Hi Teri, the water issue in California is not going to get easier with time. Reading the SF Gate story it shows that the state gov't. is trying to take water rights away from those who already have it. When SF asked to have language that says they will not loose any water rights and the answer is they can't do that because then they have to grant all the existing water rights to everyone else who already owns them. . . tells us they are trying to steal water from someone, Tuolumne County? and others too. The small guy who just does not have the money to fight as LA and SF can. Thanks for passing this along to us.


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