Revolution… find us on Facebook!

If you’ve resisted Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other new-fangled Internet sites, you might want to consider joining the revolution now. Social media sites connect us with each other and keep us connected. Last week I “spoke” with an old grade school friend and yesterday, when we heard fire planes circling, another friend gave us the scoop. Within seconds, we knew where and how big the fire was.

Frankly, Facebook and other new forms of social media are opening doors that didn’t exist six months ago. 

Remember when we focused on Sacramento last week as they toyed with California’s water supply? Tuolumne County had a lot to lose and frankly, nothing to gain. Well, we not only watched the Conference Committee on the Internet, we “Facebooked” five senators and assemblymembers during the hearings.

We didn’t have to go through their staff, drive to Sacramento, or make an appointment to get to them. We posted a question, lobbied for Tuolumne County, counties of origin, and championed the needs of agriculture. We told them what we need and they responded. Some of them even agreed. Never mind that they didn’t ultimately solve the problem – given those Delta bills, that was a good outcome!

No, our point is that social media connects us with people about whom we care, people who have info we need, and people we want to influence. The video below calls it a social media revolution. We call it amazing.

Long live the revolution! And send us your friend request on Facebook.

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