County/TUD Joint Mtg. on water Tues.

Where you water comes from: Stanislaus River, running through Kennedy Meadows
A county watersource and donor to the Delta: the Stanislaus River.

The Delta bills and area of origin issues will be discussed at a joint meeting of the Boards of Tuolumne County and Tuolumne Utilities District this coming Tues. at 1:30 pm. The boards will consider adopting shared water policy regarding water’s current and future use in and beyond Tuolumne County.

Not everyone is interested in studying Delta issues at the depth to which we have presented them this week, but here’s why you should be. Whatever is decided in Sacramento – if legislators get to a decision – will have serious impacts on Tuolumne County and our future.

Join the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors and the Board of Directors of the Tuolumne Utilities District for their joint study session on Tuolumne County water issues on Tues., Sept. 1st at 1:30. The meeting will be held in the Tuolumne County Board Chambers located on the 4th floor of the Administration Building at 2 South Green St. in Sonora.

Conspicuously absent from the Delta water bills hearing and the overall discussion is the perspective of watershed counties and areas of origin. Missing from formal involvement have been representatives of the 3 tributary watersheds to the San Joaquin River: the Merced, the Tuolumne, and the Stanislaus (2 of which are in Tuolumne County).

These 3 rivers will be increasingly relied upon to increase flows in the San Joaquin River and the Delta and to counteract existing and additional diversions from the Sacramento River. In order to heal the Delta, more – not less – water will be required to flow through it. This is true under current conditions and even more so if the anticipated rise in sea level is attained, causing sea water to intrude into the Delta. Increased flow through the Delta will be required to hold back those waters.  If the peripheral canal is built (none of the bills enact it, but could lay the groundwork to more easily accomplish it), our watersheds will be looked to in greater measure to provide more water to dilute the compromised San Joaquin River since the water diverted to be sent south will be taken out of the Sacramento River above the Delta.

As a result of the upcoming meeting and our Delta water bills series, we believe you will be better-equipped to weigh in on the Delta bills and water issues in general. In addition, you should contact Senator Cogdill and Assem. Berryhill, both of whom sit on the Joint Committee considering the Delta bills. Give them YOUR perspective. If you agree, tell them that counties and communities of origin like Tuolumne County, must be ensured a place at the table to protect our resources in terms of the environment and our economic viability.

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