Of course it’s MT. Knight!

fire 1Wish I had a secretary I could blame for my earlier typo, but the truth is, I was blogging late last night and yesterday was a long day.

So for you folks who live out there, of course it’s Mt. Knight. Suffice to say that after several emails from offended residents, I doubt I’ll ever make that typo again. 🙂

At least Mt. Knight isn’t in District 3 – I’d never live that down – although I readily admit I don’t know the name of every peak and valley in my own district! Regardless, thanks! I like to be accurate.

By the way, I got a tour of the Knight Fire today and we drove by the private homes still standing there. Our firefighters did an excellent job of protecting homes. If you’d like to see the photos of the Knight Fire and the Mt. Knight area, please visit my Facebook page (log in and search for “Teri Murrison”) where you will find them.

There are lots of firefighters out there and although the fire is not out by a long way, there is some optimism that things may be looking up – as long as we don’t get some strong winds that push the fire over onto the north side of the river.

Thanks to the Stanislaus National Forest and Bobby Shindelar for a thorough tour. I have a whole new appreciation for what you guys do for us!

4 thoughts on “Of course it’s MT. Knight!

  1. I'm happier to receive timely information with an occasion typo than a lack of information for fear of imperfection. Thank you for your posts. It didn't take me long to figure "Mc" was supposed to be "Mt" once I followed a couple of the links you included. I especially appreciate that you took the time to travel the forest roads to better understand the work of the response teams. It counts as going more than the extra mile when going out of your way involves forest roads.


  2. Thanks for the great photos and info on the fire. Pictures tell a more graphic story than the verbal quotes on the news. I appreciate all the hands on work you do for our community and the obvious caring attitude that you show to everyone. Thanks for being such a great person too. Keep up the great job.


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