Knight Fire photos

Bobby and crew

Here’s the link to the Knight Fire photos taken earlier today. Check it out!



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I like going places: out West, west of the West, and all the way around the back of the globe to the East. I like to go by train, plane, automobile, horseback. Whatever. And I like writing about what I see, feel, hear, smell, and touch all along the way and once I get there.

One thought on “Knight Fire photos

  1. Dear Teri,
    Thanks for "taking us to the scene." We've been watching all of the trucks, dozers, and people going out South Fork Rd., and praying that they will all be safe. Seeing the fire camp is reassuring, but. working the fire lines must be exhausting in this heat, and we hope you were able to convey to the firefighters how much we appreciate their efforts! Thanks again!


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