Budget crisis: Town Hall meeting in Tuolumne

The Tuolumne Township group will host Teri’s Town Hall meeting at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall in Tuolumne on Monday, June 8th to discuss the state and local budget crisis. District 3 and other interested county residents are encouraged to attend.

Tuolumne County Administrator Craig Pedro will discuss the economic conditions that led to the crisis, answer questions, and present a best-guess estimate of anticipated revenues from the state (a general prediction given ongoing state budget discussions). He’ll also share his proposed draft 2009/2010 budget – including cuts – to be considered by the Board of Supervisors the following day.

Teri is seeking serious, creative, and community-supported ideas on how to continue some at-risk programs. Community volunteer coordinators will also attend and hand out information on their efforts to extend safety net services and enlist volunteers to help out.

Please join us for this important opportunity to be part of the solution for Tuolumne, District 3, and the county.

For more info, contact Teri at 533-5525 or email info@TeriMurrison.com.

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