Despite troubles, reason to hope

safety net planning group discusses childrens issuesWatching the news these days can be pretty depressing. The stock market is down, up, and down again.  Budget cuts, new laws, and programs are coming out of Washington, DC, and Sacramento faster than we can keep track – it’s enough to make us lose all hope.

But  despite the grim outlook, we needn’t sit and wait for calamity to arrive, all the while wringing our hands and crying “woe is me!”

health breakout group

The good news is that we’ll be as ready as we can for whatever comes. And that – despite all the bad news lately –  is reason to hope.

Tuolumne County safety net providers, faith-based, and community service organizations met last month to develop strategies for meeting basic needs (food, shelter, etc.), and providing services to the economically disadvantaged, seniors, and children (including medical, mental, and behavioral health, education, law enforcement, and information services).

adult-family-services-group-21Various groups have formed and are continuing to meet. In fact, one group will have a huge fair in Courthouse Park in July to connect volunteers with groups that need help. Plans are being made to combat homelessness, coordinate community gardens, and more. We’ll be talking about these in the next few months.


In the meantime, if you can help, please do. Helping each other is good for our souls. It gives us a sense of purpose. It’s a great way to forget our own troubles.

And when we forget our own troubles, we’re likely to find more than enough reason to hope.

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2 thoughts on “Despite troubles, reason to hope

  1. Thank you for reminding us all how strong and committed this community is. I am grateful to live in this community and also appreciate your support and leadership in keeping us focused on the light instead of the darkness.


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