Snowplowing, rules update, contribute online

Tonight’s blog is a bit of a catch-all. First, today’s Board meeting went rather well, I thought. We talked about snowplowing and the Board Rules: both of which were somewhat contentious items last week.


I met with Public Works Director Peter Rei and County Administrator Craig Pedro last night so today the Board’s discussion was very productive. While nothing is likely to make everyone happy, the agreement revealed at the Board meeting today goes great strides toward improving the snowplowing situation up the hill. Here’s what we agreed to:

  1. The Department is operating with limited resources, but will do their best to provide timely and quality services in District 3.
  2. The county’s present priority system for road clearing will remain in effect.
  3. Some cars may be parked alongside the road even during snow removal operations. Staff will attempt to call and/or visit residents in “problem areas” whose cars are at risk to be towed and only those cars with a bright pink notice attached to them will be towed. Residents will be encouraged to use common sense and courtesy in parking in the right of way.
  4. There have been personnel issues in previous years that have not allowed the Department to provide the level of services residents expect. Those issues have been resolved and management believes things are back on track.
  5. The county will investigate mounting GPS units on snowplows so that dispatch can advise residents of plowing progress and monitor drivers’ locations.
  6. A snowplowing advisory committee will be formed to both provide constructive input to Public Works and help disseminate info to communities on snowplowing issues. Homeowners associations in District 3 communities will be approached to be represented on the advisory committee, and
  7. Public Works staff will treat residents with respect and strive to provide good customer service.
  8. Teri will encourage residents to contact the Department of Public Works so that they have a record of all comlaints.

Board Rules

The Board completed another round of discussion on the proposed Board Rules. Supervisors agreed that an ad hoc committee comprised of Supervisors Dick Pland and Teri Murrison would meet with staff to refine the proposed rules and satisfy the intent  and concerns expressed by supervisors (and staff) during the meeting. The ad hoc committee will meet with County Counsel and the County Administrator and bring the revised rules back in early March for consideration by the full Board.

Online donations now possible

Finally, good news for those who have been waiting to contribute to Teri’s campaign until we had online donation capability: it’s here!

Click on Teri’s campaign sign to make a secure donation online.


If you prefer to mail in a donation, please make your check payable to Teri Murrison for Supervisor and mail it to:

Teri Murrison for Supervisor
PO Box 802
Tuolumne, CA 95379

For by-mail  donations of $100 or more, please provide your name, address, phone number, occupation, and employer’s name to comply with elections law. Unfortunately, donations are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Thanks for whatever help you can give!

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8 thoughts on “Snowplowing, rules update, contribute online

  1. Teri,
    The snow plow guy this morning – 2/11-did an exceptional job in front of our home – Strauch Dr., Twain Harte. As he came down the hill he made an extra effort to push the "berm" past our driveway leaving it clear and easy to shovel. I was able to catch his eye and thank him. It was certainly appreciated. Your efforts to put a little customer service into this area is paying off.
    Thank you,
    Jim Johnson


  2. Teri, well, if the snowplow guy is doing a 'great job' for Jim Johnson on Strauch Dr. He's really missing the boat on my property.
    I live one house (further down the hill from Jim and across the street 23092 Stauch Dr-with two cars always parked in the drive-way) and he pushes the berm even higher now into the front of my property.
    I to, have 'caught his eye' while actually shovleing the 1st berm he raised-but, he "looks me off" every time.
    Jim Johnson and I are the only 3 full time (out of 26 homes) residents on this block of Strauch and one would think that the snowplow guy could drop the berm just about any place else but in front of my drive way…. Teri: this has gone on for the last 3 winters and this is the first time that I've complained….Help!!


    1. In Mi Wuk Village, some of us try to rush out when we hear the plow so that maybe they won't push so much snow in front of our "just cleared" driveway. Last week, he came inches from hitting my husband. I was gone for 3 or 4 hours and couldn't get over the 3 or 4 foot pile of snow and had to park in the street while I trudged across the mound of snow to call someone to clear it. Now that was too dangerous leaving my car in the street. I don't know what the solution is, but I know that in some places they do not put snow in front of the driveways of permanent residents.


      1. How frustrating! I’ll forward your comments to Public Works and ask them to look into this. Thanks and I’ll be in touch, Shirley.


  3. Hey Rick, Please call Public Works at 533-6533 and tell Carol the problem. I will contact Barry to let him know too – he's assured me he will look into these things as soon as he can get there. Realize that it's snowing and give him a little time to get to it. Please let me know when you have talked to him and what is the outcome.


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