Board Rules posting revised!

Thanks to John LaTorre who noticed a typo in the post that went out previously. Once I got in and read it, I realized I needed to further clarify a paragraph or two. So first of all, the changes are not “in significant,” but are “significant” and the italicized portions below were revised. The earlier post has been modified accordingly!

That’s what you get when you wake up at 3 am to post! Hopefully the 42 of you that received the earlier version will find this helpful. « Early bird sets goal for Feb. 1st

First goal deadline and Board Rules

First goal deadline – Feb. 1st! Thanks to all of you who have endorsed me online and thanks to those who have sent contributions! I’m so pleased and appreciative when I look over the list posted here (see Endorsements, above) and see your names! Thank you!

If you plan to do either but haven’t yet, I still need help reaching the goal by Feb. 1st (see previous posting). So far, endorsements are up to 77 and contributions are lagging behind.

Board Rules. Next Tuesday is a big day. I have proposed new rules and procedures to govern Board meetings and agenda preparation and we’ll be discussing them then (below is the text of the Memo for the Board’s consideration). It would be great to get consensus to adopt them, but I anticipate some resistance to a few of the critical revisions.

Tuolumne County is somewhat unusual in my experience in that the Board Chair hasn’t had the ability or authority granted by the Board to take part in the agenda formulation process. In fact, what’s on the agenda tends to be revealed to the Chair and the Board at the same time the final agenda is made public under the Brown Act. Of course, a Board member who seeks that information gets it, but at the very least, the Chair should be an integral part of agenda formulation and approval. 

Perhaps because some past Boards have not worked as a team,  there has been a practice of limiting the Chair so a “bad” Chair can’t unduly influence things. That can be a good thing, but it also can make it difficult for a Board that wants to set its own course and work together toward common interests… (see next post).

2 thoughts on “Board Rules posting revised!

  1. Teri, you are right on target. For example if I wish to obtain an agenda item report on a specific land planning issue, I have to go down to the office and pay 10 cents a page for the packet. It isn't really the cost, but if an appointed county official has difficulty in following land policy issues, how about other interested persons? TUCARE, CSERC, Chamber of Commerce? Also last week you had on your agenda, the AB885 issue and the "discussion" of the sample letter. Why couldn't the "sample letter" be put put on the web site for others to comment? If would have been so easy to get comments from hundreds of concerned well & septic system owners about the costs of inspection. Really, my own personal view, there was NO OPPORTUNITY to comment at the web site or a town hall meeting for Tuolumne County homeowners. About 6 weeks ago, Mariposa County supervisors had all the big wigs from Sacramento in to answer questions. The BOS chamber was packed. Dr. Mosher issued sample letters for people to comment and it was well publicized in the Mariposa Gazette. This is a "grass roots" issue and has not been well publicized. What gives?


    1. Hi Millie!

      The Board hopes to add online staff reports AND video streaming this year! I’ve been bringing it forward for 2 years so as you can imagine, I’m pretty excited. Hopefully the budget problems we’re having won’t cause us to have to delay it again. It is vitally important for the public to have READY ACCESS to the Board items.

      I know that there was a workshop in Calaveras County – I hadn’t heard about Mariposa’s. I have a feeling that the fact SWRCB member Art Baggett lives in El Portal helped Mariposa get a meeting there.

      When the Board is more engaged in agenda planning via the Chair, I think you will see more outreach on similar items. As it now stands, most Board members don’t know what is on our agenda until the Thursday before the meeting at the earliest. That is, if the proposed Rules get three votes next Tuesday! Wish me luck. Better yet, come and tell the Board yourself!

      Thanks for writing, Millie! Teri

      PS By the way, we’re planning a Water Summit – likely in March – with the TUD Board. You won’t want to miss that!


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