Early bird sets goal for Feb. 1st


It’s said that the early bird gets the worm. It’s often true in nature and in politics too.

Teri will run for re-election to the Board next year, so to kick things off she’s set her first ambitious goal. By February 1st we want to reach:

100 endorsements and 20 in-kind or cash contributions.

No one has announced a bid to challenge Teri for her District 3 seat, but it’s early. With enough support now, no one may.

If you believe she works hard, listens to all sides, and makes thoughtful, careful decisions, please endorse and contribute if you can. It makes no difference where you live – District 3, other areas of Tuolumne County, or outside the county. Teri needs your help. 

Visit www.TeriMurrison.com and click on “Endorse” to endorse online and ” Contribute” to learn where to send a donation. Tell five friends and get them to support Teri, as well. To keep track of  her progress, click on “Supporters” between now and February 1st. Thanks!

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