Hurrah: snow, CDBG, 2nd term, and Christmas!


OK, I admit this photo wasn’t taken this year and that my nose would make even Rudolph envious, but snow is falling above 3,000′, our balcony has a dusting of powder  on it, and the yard could look like this tomorrow. Hurrah!

We’re supposed to get a lot of precipitation, hopefully as snow, in the next few days. That will really help local businesses.  Dodge Ridge Ski Resort is planning to open at the end of the week if it keeps up. That’s not only a great boost to our economy, but my ski and snowboard-loving family and many others feel they’ve been waiting ever-so-long! I don’t ski or board, but I love to watch the snow fall when I’m inside our cozy home. And that’s another reason to cheer!

There’s more: Tuolumne County Transit guru Darin Grossi has scheduled once-a-day ski shuttle  service from Sonora to Dodge Ridge that will operate on weekends and holidays provided a minimum of five passenger reservations are made by 4:00 pm the day before. The round trip fare is $10 – a very affordable fare. We hope local lodging establishments, the Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau, and the Chambers really publicize the service and that it’s a smashing success so the shuttle continues to operate all season. Thanks to Darin, Frank and Sally Helm, and the Dodge Ridge staff for your hard work to make this happen. For more information, call 532-0404.

I’m also cheering because I learned Friday that the county will receive a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to figure out how best to utilize downtown alleys and parking in Tuolumne! A final contract with the funder should be inked in February so we can begin to plan the next phase in the revitalization of downtown Tuolumne!  Hurrah and congratulations to the hard working folks here who want to see the community come back and prosper and who dislike taking no for an answer!

Further, my family and I are cheering because we’ve decided that I’ll seek another term as your 3rd District Supervisor. We’re cheering because I love working for you and we look forward to two more years in this term and then another four, Lord and the registered voters willing. My husband is cheering because I am starting to campaign early rather than putting it off for another year to make a mad scramble in the last year of my term.

For more information on our decision, what we’ve achieved together this term, what lies ahead of us, and how you can help us win another term, visit Hurrah again!

Finally, we’re cheering because Christmas parties, show-stopping songs, dances, plays, and parades are taking place all across the Mother Lode – we’re really getting into it this season. No big, bad state budget or negative economic outlook is going to keep us from celebrating our faith, families, friends, and communities this year or any other. 

It’s snowing and despite all the bad news on TV, Internet, and in the papers, we feel hope… because it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Hurrah!

6 thoughts on “Hurrah: snow, CDBG, 2nd term, and Christmas!

  1. Hurray for snow and good for you for helping to spread the news about the once a day shuttle from Sonora to Dodge Ridge. We at the Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau will do our part to share this with locals and visitors alike.


    1. Thanks, Dick and Carol! Can you go to the "Endorse" tab above and complete the form there?

      It will automatically send your endorsement to a database and your name will be added to the list. I really appreciate your support!


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