Changing Teri’s blog & website

Along with the change in weather, earlier this month we made a hard decision to discontinue Teri’s District 3 Email List due to increasing costs. We admitted it was an imperfect solution, but invited Teri’s List subscribers to visit on a regular basis as a temporary, stop-gap way to stay in touch.

Fortunately, District 3’s Greg Falken of webdancers ( has brought Teri’s List back and is creating a new and improved website, as well. Greg and webdancers are now hosting our website and blog and administering Teri’s List and they do a great job. Longtime Teri-team-member Lorraine Schultz of The Alexandra Group ( also helped with the design of the new website. Please talk to them about your Internet website hosting, graphic design and publishing, marketing, and related needs: their customer service is tops and both are local District 3 businesses!

On the new website, you’ll see:

  • Teri’s Blog is now the main page of the new website. You can access past blog postings readily and the information pages (About Teri, Tuolumne County, News Clippings, Office Hours, etc.) are still conveniently accessible.
  • Feedback is the place for you to share your concerns and opinions about county policies and decision-making and also where you can ask questions to which Teri will respond online. Do you have heart-burn over the proposed Law & Justice Center? Do you have an idea for improving a county service? This is the place to weigh in.

As the economic times get tougher, it is increasingly more important to stay in close contact. We hope you’ll take advantage of our combined efforts (county, Greg, Lorraine, Teri, etc.) to communicate more effectively on important issues and to hear back from you. It takes a team to get it done and folks have stepped up to help. Together we can! Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Changing Teri’s blog & website

  1. Wow, I love the fact that I can post comments to my supervisor! Mi Wuk Village has parking problems, I am sure hoping that the same bunch at road department snow plower-guys that were not very friendly last year allow us to park on our own property and OFF of the road unlike last year. In spite of the fact that my handicapped son's VW was parked 4 feet off of the road, they made us move it and he had to shovel it out which was very very difficult in his condition. Whoever allowed Mi Wuk Cabins to be built without any parking should have been jailed anyway but it is what it is and I have to deal with a house with two tiny parking spots and three cars. Maybe things will change, I am hoping.


  2. Hi Carol Ann,

    Glad you like it! I'm pretty pleased with it myself.

    You might want to send an advance email to Carol Jackson at Public Works to discuss the site. The plan is to send out an advance person ahead of the storm to warn/cite folks parked in the road right of way. Four feet off the road sounds like it might be a problem, but I don't know for sure. Carol's email is cjackson.

    Public Works will also be out checking for missing No Parking signs in the very near future.

    Thanks for writing!


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