Stewardship Council’s progress on Kennedy Meadows Pilot Project

Kennedy Meadows is inextricably part of my backstory too. The Professor, my friends, and I have spent many hours riding our horses through the beautiful place on our way to the Emigrant Wilderness. We’ve eaten at the restaurant, spent time in the bar, and my favorite – hung out after dark by the corrals just to watch the stock.

When the ground under the resort was to be donated by the utility company to a public or nonprofit entity, I felt that of all things I could do as a county supervisor, preserving the heritage of the resort and its beauty could be my greatest accomplishment. The competition was fierce, but I am proud that I positioned the County with the Stewardship Council to secure that hallowed place in perpetuity – not for the Forest Service or for a nonprofit that would restrict the use of the resort, but for the people of Tuolumne County. I plan visit next month on my rambles with Ruby.

Jayne Battey and Ric Notini of the Stewardship Council updated me today on where things stand relative to the disposition of PG&E’s 4 pilot parcels, including Kennedy Meadows.

They have made considerable progress in evaluating existing easements on the parcels. In addition, the proposed local stakeholder process goes to the Stewardship Council Planning Committee next week for discussion and recommendation to the full Council. The process will be considered by the whole Stewardship Council on March 26th and if approved, scheduling in local communities will follow. I don’t know what the process is that is being proposed, but will post it when I learn.

As the stakeholder process moves forward, the Stewardship Council will begin evaluating registered donees for suitability and begin negotiating the requirements of the management plan. It will be an iterative process – back and forth communication and adjustments – as things go forward.

They plan on sending a letter to the Chairmen of the Board of Supervisors in the 4 pilot project counties asking each Board to consider registering as potential donees to come alongside local groups (if they haven’t already). Tuolumne County has not registered and to do so would require formal action by the full Board of Supervisors. That action, if considered, would be publicly noticed.

Finally, it looks like the PUC will consider the Section 851 application (reaffirming the land divestiture process, accepting Vol. 1 & 2) sometime around the end of March.

Stay tuned – I’ll post more info as I hear it.

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