Tell Teri

One of the most important things we do is listen to each other.

When we listen:

1. we have more information upon which to base our opinions, and

2. we validate each other.

We’re hoping you’ll attend a District 3 Listening Session to tell Teri your thoughts on a number of important issues. Given the slowdown in the economy and the state’s shaky fiscal condition, it’s especially important for us to know what you feel county government’s priorities should be.

Hard decisions may have to be made in next year’s budget.

In 2006, over 500 District 3 residents (at 9 Listening Sessions) told Teri their top priority for county services was the condition of our roads. Close behind were public safety services: fire and law enforcement.

Is that still true? Tell Teri!

February Listening Sessions

Tues., Feb. 19, 7:00 pm
Tuolumne Memorial Hall
Hosted by Tuolumne Township Group

Mi-Wuk Village
Weds., Feb. 20, 10:00am & 6:30pm
Mi-Wuk Village Library

A Listening Session is being scheduled in Twain Harte in March. More information will follow.

To schedule additional Listening Sessions in your District 3 community, please contact Teri at 533-5525.

One thought on “Tell Teri

  1. As a Twain Harte resident who livessouth of the Brentwood Lake I am incensed that the Brentwood Lake Homeowners have hired a person to shoot off shotgun rounds to scare away the geese that visit their lake. Recently every day we hear loud gun shots and I am frankly sick of this. It scares me and mydisabled dog is practically having a heart attack at each occurance.This is a disruption of the peace as far as I am concerned. If these homeowners are having such a problem they need to find a more creative solution. This is an intrusion to my peace and quiet and that of others and also cruel to these birds who are most likely flying home to Canada or somewhere and need to rest. After the shots are fired the geese come flying over my home screeching at the top of their voices. Brentwood Homeowners you need to get on track with your problem and not force your solution on the surrounding neighborhoods.


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