Over 1,200 at Buckaroo Ball

Kennedy Meadows is inextricably part of my backstory too. The Professor, my friends, and I have spent many hours riding our horses through the beautiful place on our way to the Emigrant Wilderness. We’ve eaten at the restaurant, spent time in the bar, and my favorite – hung out after dark by the corrals just to watch the stock.

The resort hotel and store burned to the ground in 2007. Our tiny community was stunned. They came together from near and far to help rebuild. Photo courtesy http://www.froess.org/.

When I got to the fairgrounds at 5:00 pm, I was amazed. By 7:30, amazement gave way to a sense of being overwhelmed and indescribably moved that so many would cowboy-up for the cause. Over 1,200 pre-sale tickets for dinner and dancing were snatched up by Tuolumne County residents and folks from the Valley, Bay Area, and beyond. A good time was had by all.

A huge thanks to Buckaroo Ball organizer Lisa Morales and her committee. Lisa knows how to put on a party – things ran very smoothly. Members of the Sheriff’s Posse, Tuolumne County Farm Bureau, TuCare, and many others showed up to help and a great number of local individuals, businesses, and organizations contributed.

Last night was a demonstration of community and regional support for Kennedy Meadows and for Matt & Leslie Bloom and family. It was nothing short of… well, a miracle.

Incredible. Thank you.

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