Inquring minds need to know

Interest is great. The story of Monday morning’s fire at Kennedy Meadows has run in the LA Times, CNNMoney, and various local and regional papers. It’s been on TV and radio. Kennedy Meadows Resort & Pack Station is an institution, beloved by many from around the nation. So when the lodge and some outbuildings burned to the ground almost a week ago, it got wide coverage in the media. But a week later, we want more information.

What does it look like up there? How could it have happened? Accident or worse? Will it get rebuilt? Who owns Kennedy Meadows? Who might be wanting to run it? On and on we ask each other. So what’s the scoop really?

Inquiring minds need to know. The Bloom family’s misfortune – Kennedy Meadows’ misfortune – is also ours. Most of us have been going up there for years and are profoundly saddened by the news. And since so very few of us know the answers, sometimes we end up with… shall we say… creative assertions that pass for truth.

Tuesday we’ll get the real scoop. Matt, along with representatives from Tuolumne County Fire, PG&E, and the Stewardship Council, will tell us what they know. We’ll hear how we can best help the Blooms and where we can donate for the rebuilding effort.

Here’s a sneak preview. The bottom line is, Matt Bloom is pretty tough. He knows how to cowboy-up and he’s optimistic about the future, if not exactly looking forward to the process of rebuilding.

Join us on Tuesday to support the Blooms and hear the rest of the story – because our inquiring minds need to know.

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