What’s important to you in District 3 (and elsewhere)

Tell me what services you believe should be a top priority for the county to provide.

For more than a year I have been asking people to let me know what services they think are most important for the county to provide its citizens. I’m still asking. If I have asked you before, I’m checking back in. Go ahead and tell me again – I’m listening! And don’t forget to tell me why you think so.

6 thoughts on “What’s important to you in District 3 (and elsewhere)

  1. Teri,

    I appreciate your willingness to listen to your constiuency. My parents moved to this area when I wasyone years old, way back in 1975. I attended Twain Harte Elementary and Summerville High School. My greatest concern is that lack of affordable housing for young families. I’m sure it’s no mystery to you that wages in this area don’t match what housing is going for. Twain Harte Elementary’s enrollement has dropped by nearly 50 percent in the last five years. I believe that this is due to the fact that alot of young families are leaving the area because they can’t afford a home. I’m not that this can even be fixed, I just wanted to let you know that I’m concerned.


    1. Yikes! I’m just getting used to this new blog and see that I got this comment a long time ago and never responded. Thanks for weighing in – it is a big concern and I appreciate your bringing it to my attention.


  2. Hi Teri,
    I believe our law enforcement should be of the highest priority here in Tuolumne. Also, in response to the previous post, without the building industry there really isn’t much occupational opportunity in Tuolumne. I know California has becoming increasingly harder to entice businesses to establish here in this state. However, If we don’t start trying, everyone will be trying to land a government job. And we know what that leads too. It’s not so much that the cost of living up here is so high, at least in comparison to the rest of the state, but gainful employment to pay the bills is the hard part.


  3. Teri,

    Let's talk about town of Tuolumne. There is no such entity called Tuolumne city by the way.

    The reason that the downtown is rotting away is VERY simple: PARKING.

    Wait, there is plenty of parking you say! You are right, there are dozens of empty parking spaces, but none of them count.

    Let's recount a real visit to the building department:

    " I own a building in downtown Tuolumne and I'd like to open a ____ " (fill in the blank here, it doesn't matter what you say).

    "OK" says Building Department person. "Let's see the plans".

    "Hmmmm" You don't have any parking."

    "Well I've got 3 spaces in front of my buildling". You respond.

    "Sorry, that doesn't count."

    "OK, I've room to park 10 cars in the back of my building".

    "You can't use the alley at all for parking" say the building department.

    "Well. I don't get it" you respond. "I've got three spaces in front, 10 in the back. But my building goes up to the street. Just like the rest of the buildings in town. And I have building on either side that touch mine, which the building code allows for. "

    Yeah, well sorry" Says the building department.

    "So are you saying the only way I can have parking is to knock the front of my building down and put it there?".

    "Well, I'm not saying that. But yeah, that would be the only way you can legally have parking".

    "How come all of downtown Sonora, on washington street, is full of businesses that don't have parking?".

    "Well that's a different building department (A reasonable one it might be noted), and those businesses are grandfathered in".

    So there you go, unless we address the parking problem all the studies and meetings in the world won't do a thing to make this town better. Fix the parking problem, and the business owners (and hopeful future business owners) will take care of the rest – if the county gets out of the way!

    Otherwise, look for the new downtown Tuolumne on the old westside lumber property, because that is where the indians are currently buidling the new town of Tuolumne.


    1. Well, Anonymous, you’re not exactly tentative in your opinions, but you do point out some issues that we’ll be addressing. The purpose of this grant is to study and solve those concerns. The vision that many local folks share is that downtown Tuolumne will complement the Westside development. They will both generate business for each other.

      Thanks for your input and please be part of the public meetings we’ll have during the study!


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